Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Happy to Report

About New Year's Resolutions that we all seem to make. You may be familiar. They go something like this:
1. Join a gym. Learn a new language. Go on a diet. Eat healthy food. etc.
2. Actually join a gym. Look into registering for a class. Diet. Eat only non-fat food.
3. I'm too tired to go to they gym today. Do I really need a new language? It's only one bag of fries. Fries have fat in them?

Here are mine for this year. Or at least the ones that I meant. Be able to do ONE pull-up. I'm not there yet. But I'm practicing. Sometimes. And now...drum roll please...wear more skirts and dresses. I know, it sounds stupid. But I'm a woman you see. And I see other women wearing dresses and skirts and they look so 'girly'. So I'm happy to report that yes, I've worn a skirt or dress at least twice a week since the beginning of the year. Yay for my resolutions. I'll let you know about my pull-up. (Hopefully before December)
 Skirt by MyLittleAura                        Scarf by Lasidi            

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  1. I have a little gift for you on my blog. You've been chosen for the Sunshine Award