Saturday, February 13, 2010

Adventures in Photography

This was taken outside - no light adjustments or focus. Cropped
Inside using a 100watt bright effects lightbulb.
Inside using the ottlite light bulb - no big difference!
Inside in my sunroom

So, like many of us, I'd love to be able to take great pictures of my creations. Like, I'd love to be able to click at any time of the day. Not wait until the next bright day. I've taken some decent pictures outside. Two of them made it to Craftgawker! Yes...hold the applause, please. But I'd love to get the same results inside without adjusting the white balance and exposure and all those settings afterward. After all, I own an ok camera and if it works outside, it should work inside too, right?
After spending a lot of money on handmade light boxes - I have three - and light bulbs of all kinds - I have enough to last me until the next century, I decided to invest on a very popular light bulb. The cure to all my photographic disasters! A natural light - ottlite -bulb. These guys are expensive and promise a high definition effect. But, as the pictures show, not a big difference!
I'm sticking with the most amazing and biggest light bulb ever.
As for the not-so-cheap-lightbulb... I will be adding a lamp in my workroom but will continue to experiment and add to my photo adventures.

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